Save screenshots online right in your browser

Paste.Pics – what is that?

Paste.Pics – it is a small and convenient service, specially developed for fast exchange of screenshots and other images.

How it works

To save screenshot online you need:

  1. To press PrintScreen key (PrtScr) – then the screenshot will be copied to the clipboard (to take a screenshot of the currently active window press Alt+PrintScreen) ;
  2. Being on the main page of our service, press Ctrl+V (paste).

You can upload a picture simply by pressing "Browse" and choose the file from your hard drive.

After uploading and saving the picture to the server, you will get a short link. Share the link with anyone you'd like, so that they can open the saved image from any computer or mobile device. This short link can be sent via SMS, e-mail, post in blog or forum and etc.

Moreover, after saving a screenshot, you can lightly edit the image: crop it, paint unnecessary areas, place the arrow, the frame or the caption.

What is it for

Service is easy and convenient to use for sending screenshots.

It works in all browsers of PCs and spares you from installing additional software or waste your time with saving screenshot to file.

Time storage of screenshots

Screenshots are saved in our website for 6 months since the last viewing. Thus, you can easily post links to them, or the images themselves on the pages of other sites: if the screenshot even rarely is opened by somebody, it will be stored almost indefinitely.

At the same time, the "trial" screenshots – made for checking the work of the service, by accident or by mistake – are kept only for 14 days from the moment of uploading.


This project is non-commercial, and was developed by small team of enthusiasts with the aim to explore some technologies.

We are not responsible if the service materials posted by users infringe copyright or any other laws. Of course, if they are detected, such materials will be promptly removed.

With suggestions, questions or feedback, you can write to our e-mail: [email protected].