Save screenshots online right in your browser
Press Ctrl+V to paste
a screenshot from the clipboard (read more)
Or upload an image file from your computer:
Upload an image:

How to take a screenshot online

To save a screenshot online in your browser without
any additional software, you need:

  1. Press the PrintScreen key (PrtScr) on the keyboard – the screenshot will be copied to the clipboard
    (to take a screenshot of the currently active window press Alt + PrintScreen).
  2. If you are on the main page of our service,
    press Ctrl+V (paste).

You can also upload a picture simply by pressing "Browse" (or dragging and dropping the file).

Screenshot editing

After uploading and saving the picture to the server, you will get a short link. Share the link with anyone you'd like, so that they can open the saved image from any computer or mobile device.

Right after saving a screenshot, you can
edit the image: crop it, paint out any unnecessary areas, put arrows, frames or add a caption.

In the screenshot editor the following tools are available: Pencil, Line, Arrow, Frame, Text, Blur, Crop. More...