Save screenshots online right in your browser

Screenshot editing

After saving the screenshot online, service Paste.Pics will remember you for a time as the owner of the screenshot. The duration of this period depends on how often you visit our site (the period is extending with every new visit), and on your browser settings (see more details about "Cookies").

During the time the site remembers you, you can remove the screenshot, change its name or edit the image – all these options are available on the screenshot page view, where you are forwarded immediately after saving the screenshot:

Note: for the user, who is not the owner of the screenshot, these options are not available and will not be displayed.

Screenshot name changing

When saving every screenshot is automatically assigned a name that will be displayed on the screenshot page view. You can change it if you want. For this do the following steps:

  1. Click on the icon to the right of the screenshot;
  2. In place of the name a text box for editing will appear; then you could enter a new name;
  3. Use the Enter key on the keyboard or click on the icon to save the new name.

Screenshot deleting

If you need to remove the screenshot, press the button "Remove screenshot".

Important: The screenshot will be removed completely without a possibility to recover it (perhaps in the future it will be possible to recover previously deleted screenshots).

Screenshot editing

To change the image of the saved screenshot you need to move to the special editor by clicking on "Edit screenshot".

In the editor you will see your screenshot in the center and three main panels:

  • The top panel has a link that moves you back to the page of screenshot view, as well as the option to change the name of the screenshot and to remove it (they work the same way as described above).
  • The right panel is used to change the zoom level of the editing image. You can also zoom with the mouse wheel. Important: we are talking here only about the scale of the screenshot and how you see it in the editor; it has nothing common with the actual image size.
  • The left panel consists of two parts:
    • There is a button "Save changes" . It will be accessible to the press, when you will make any change in the image.
      Important: after making necessary changes to the image, press the button before leaving the page editor. Otherwise, all your changes will be lost!
    • There is a set of tools for direct editing screenshots. More details on each tool you can read below.

Tool: Cancel changes

The first button cancels all changes made on the image; the second button – one last change.
Cancel the changes after pressing "Save changes" button is not possible.

Tool: Crop image

It allows you to select the screenshot area containing the details you want to show someone else, and delete the rest of the image beyond the area.

How to use: after activating the tool (i.e., after clicking on it) you need to stretch the cropping frame to the desired size (click on the image with the left mouse button and holding, move the pointer to the desired position, then release). After stretching the frame, you can adjust it by dragging over the black points on the edges.

To deactivate the tool, you need to click on any place outside of the selected area (you can also turn of any instrument with the Esc button on the keyboard).

Tool: Filled rectangle

It paints the selected rectangle area with a solid color (see. "Tool 'Color Selection' ").

To select the area stretch it with mouse. After the filled rectangle appeared the tool stays activated, and you can draw a few more rectangles if you need.

To deactivate the tool, click with the mouse anywhere on the page.

Tool: Frame

It creates a thin rectangular frame. It works completely similarly to filled rectangle tool.

Tool: Pencil

It allows you to draw an arbitrary line with the current color (see. "Tool 'Color Selection' ").

Activate the tool, click with the left mouse button on the image and holding, begin to move the mouse.

Single-click on the image will draw a round point. Therefore, to deactivate the tool you need to click anywhere beside the image, press the Esc key or select another tool.

Tool: Line

It draws a thin straight line (segment) of the current color (see. "Tool 'Color Selection' "). Simply drag it with the mouse, it works in the same way as the tool Rectangle does.

Tool: Arrow

It works in the same way as the tool Line does, but there is a small arrow at the end.

Tool: Caption

It allows you to place the text over the image.

Activate the tool and then click with the mouse on the image in the place where the left edge of the caption will be. Type the text in the frame that appears.

You can confirm the entering by clicking with the mouse beyond the text field, or by pressing Enter key on the keyboard. With Esc key you can cancel the creation of the caption.
Before confirming the caption can be moved by dragging over the black dot in the upper left corner of the frame.

Tool: Censorship (Pixelate)

It allows you to mask the selected area, to make it unreadable.

Just activate the tool and stretch a frame to designate the area.

Tool: Color Selection

It allows to select the current color which will be used when drawing shapes with tools filled rectangle, frame, pencil, line, arrow and caption.

Simply click on the tool and select a different color from the pop-up window with the option of choosing the color. Other colors and shades that are not represented in this box are not available.
You can switch the current color while using other tools.