Save screenshots online right in your browser

What is a screenshot

Screenshot – it is an image, that shows what was displayed on your screen at the moment (PC or other devices). Usually, it is a digital image and it is created with computer itself. Although you can get a screenshot, for example, by making a snapshot of monitor with a camera.

What is a screenshot for

Despite the fact that some people, especially novice PC users, could consider making screenshots pointless, in fact their application field is really wide. Screenshots can be useful in everyday online communication, computer games, and even in the work, and, no matter what kind of work it is – from the accountants and managers to engineers and programmers.

With the help of screenshots you can save and then show someone chat or forum conversation, an error in the program, a message box with some settings, which are long to explain verbally, the situation in the computer game and many other things.

Screenshot can be saved to the file, then send it to someone else, for example, via e-mail or captured screen can be published online – in that case, you can only post its link.

How to take a screenshot

There are many ways to take a screenshot.

In some computer games and programs there are built-in capabilities to make and save screenshot. In other cases, you can use the basic means as described below.

Basic ways

General way to take a screenshot in Windows OS:

  1. At the right moment press PrintScreen key (PrtScr) – at the same time the current image on the screen will be copied to the clipboard. You can also use a combination of keys Alt+PrtScr – to copy to the clipboard only the currently active window.
  2. Open any graphic editor and paste it from the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+V.
  3. Save the resulting image using a graphic editor.

As a graphic editor it is easier to use the program "MS Paint", as everybody has it in computer initially ("Start / Default programs / Paint"). But, in fact, you can use almost any software which allows you to work with raster images, for example, "Adobe Photoshop". And if necessary, you can past a screenshot from the clipboard, even in the format of "Word" or "Excel".

In Mac OS different kind of key combination and programs are used, but the basic principle remains the same: first you need to save a screenshot as a file, and then somehow send it to the recipient.

The problem is that if the screenshots should be made often, then this procedure can waste a lot of your time.

Special software

For convenience there is a special software for creating and sending screenshots. You can easily find the examples in the Internet with the query "software for screenshots".

This software allows you to make quickly a screenshot with specific key combinations and immediately upload it in the Internet – as a result, you get a link to the page with your screenshot. This link can be sent to your interlocutors in any way, or you can save it as a bookmark in your browser.

Also, some of these programs allow you to edit a little bit the screenshot before saving: crop edge, make a frame, etc.

The main drawback of all software for screenshots – you need to download and install a program.
Firstly, it is a waste of your time.
Secondly, after installing the program, for example, in your workstation, you obviously will not be able to use it at personal computer - you will have to install it again.
And thirdly, such a program must be running all the time. It may seem a trifle, but at the same time if you run dozens of small additional utilities your computer will start to slow down.

Online service to save screenshots – Paste.Pics

Paste.Pics – a unique service for creating and saving screenshots directly in your browser: it combines comfort and functionality of similar programs, as well as the availability and ease of use.

To take a screenshot and save it online you need to do three simple things:

  1. Press PrintScreen key (PrtScr) to save the current screen image to the clipboard.
  2. Open the main page of the site
  3. Press the Ctrl+V, to paste a screenshot from the clipboard.

And that's all you need to do! In a few seconds the screenshot will be saved online and you will get a short link to it.

Moreover, you have the option to edit the resulting screenshot in the browser directly: after the screenshot will be saved, you can crop the edges, draw the lines on it, arrows, frames, paint or blur the part of the image, as well as to insert the caption (you can read more in "Screenshot editing").

Thus, on the one hand, you do not need to download and install anything, you simply need to add our service to the browser bookmarks. In addition, the service is simple, easy to use and can save a lot of your time, and therefore indispensable for creating screenshots!